Branches of trees are seen on a street storm. Leslie walks by in Lisbon, Portugal. October 14, 2018.Picture copyright

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The storm passed through the capital Lisbon

Hurricane-strong winds have brought hundreds of trees and more than 15,000 homes in Portugal without electricity.

The remains of Hurricane Leslie swept overnight on Saturday into the center and north of the country.

There were no reports of deaths or injuries, but the officials warned people not to go outside and a number of flights were canceled.

The storm, one of the most powerful that has ever hit the country, is now on its way to Spain.

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After the storm on the mainland wind speeds of up to 176 km / h were measured.

It is rare for an Atlantic hurricane to reach the Iberian Peninsula, and it is believed to be the strongest since 1842 in Portugal.

However, Hurricane Leslie, which had formed on September 23, was demoted to a tropical storm before it landed.

Portuguese civil protection chief Luis Belo Costa warned of possible flooding in coastal areas before the arrival of the storm.


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