Storms throughout Catalonia this weekend

05.08.2022 07:31 h.

Change in weather forecasts. Civil protection of the Generalitat has activated the plan alert inundated due to the risk of flooding due to the forecast of storms, which will take place starting this Friday at noon.

The Meteocat foresees heavy showerswhich could exceed 20 l/m2 in 30 minutes throughout Catalonia except in the counties of High Pyrenees y On the and the Lands of the Ebro from noon to night.

Hail and gusts of wind

The rains could be accompanied by storms and locally by stones and strong gusts of wind. Faced with this scenario, Civil protection recommends caution when moving around the areas that may be affected in this episode of rainfall, and also in outdoor activities. Above all, taking into account that it coincides with the operation leaving for the summer holidays.

Likewise, they ask to avoid parking the vehicle in streams or underground flooding points, and never cross rivers or streams if they come down with water, especially in areas where more important intensities and accumulations are expected.