Stormy Daniels draws attention to the business of Donald Trump’s lawyer


The complaint filed by Stormy Daniels to break the confidentiality agreement signed in October 2016 has an unintended consequence: Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s lawyer, sees his business being displayed in public. The last weekend, Donald Trump complained on Twitter that solicitor-client privilege was “a thing of the past”. The decision of New York judge Kimba Wood is unlikely to change her mind: she asked Monday that the name of a client of his lawyer Michael Cohen, which has only three to current time, be unveiled, reports the ” New York Times “. The client in question is far from unknown because it is Sean Hannity, star presenter Fox News and great supporter of Donald Trump, he had even advised during the presidential campaign. He had heavily criticized the search of the FBI in the offices and home of Michael Cohen, saying on the air: “It means that the investigation into Mueller’s witch hunt is derailing.” And even though the descent of federal agents was linked to the confidentiality agreement with Stormy Daniels and two other women, not directly to the Russian investigation, which Michael Cohen was also involved with because of suspected illegal financing of the campaign and concealing embarrassing information about the billionaire. “It is officially a gesture to diminish and, if possible, remove the President of the United States. Mueller and Rosenstein [number 2 of the Ministry of Justice who authorized the proceedings] declared a legal war on the president, “he said. At that time, he did not say he was a customer of Michael Cohen, which he was criticized on Fox News Monday evening, including by lawyer Alan Dershowitz, also pro-Trump: ” I really think you should have unveiled your connection with Cohen. ” Sean Hannity defended himself by assuring that he had solicited him for a “minimal” real estate file, also claiming his “right to privacy”. “Michael Cohen did not represent me in any case. I have never hired, received an invoice, or paid any fees. I had with him on a few occasions discussions on legal issues, on which I wanted his opinion and his perspective, “added the presenter Monday on Twitter . “I assumed that these conversations were confidential, but I want to be absolutely clear: they never touched a topic between a third person and me,” he added, a clear reference to the multiple confidentiality agreements that Michael Cohen has supervised for many clients. Michael Cohen, a lawyer at the service of the discreet business of his clients Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels: Earlier this year, Michael Cohen admitted to having personally paid $ 130,000 in exchange for the silence of actress X, allowing Donald Trump to deny any participation in this deal – he also denies the affair. Donald Trump Jr and Aubrey O’Day: Michael Cohen reportedly threatened Us Weekly with a lawsuit if he revealed the connection between the president’s eldest son and the former candidate of “The Apprentice”, his father’s show. Elliott Broidy: this influential Republican Party donor also appealed to Michael Cohen to manage the $ 1.6 million deal with playmate Shera Bechard, with whom he had had an extramarital affair, and who had become pregnant. The revelation of this affair by the Wall Street Journal prompted him to resign from the Conservative party committee. Cohen became “radioactive” for president This decision was made in a full court, which included Stormy Daniels, actress X who assures to have had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006-2007 and who received $ 130,000 from Michael Cohen to silence this extramarital affair – Melania Trump had just given birth to Barron when she started. “My lawyer and I are determined to make sure everyone knows the truth,” she told media lawyer Michael Avenatti, who said Michael Cohen has become “radioactive” for the president. Michael Cohen’s lawyers hope to keep secret the documents seized by the FBI, in front of the prosecutors of Manhattan who want to exploit them as part of their investigation. They want to estimate for themselves whether the information comes under professional secrecy or elements of the file. Judge Kimba Wood still refused the request of Donald Trump’s lawyers, who hoped to be able to examine the documents relating to him – but there remains the possibility that she will appoint an independent expert to do so in place of her defense. Any reproduction prohibited


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