Stoycho Mladenov apologizes to “Levski” for a photo after the victory in the derby – Sport


CSKA coach Stoycho Mladenov apologized to Levski and his supporters for a photo from the celebrations after the 2: 1 victory against the Blues. He said he respected the opponent and that the two teams needed each other.

In the minutes after the victory in the derby Mladenov was on the track and celebrating with fans. One of the shots shows him together with a group of fans, with a banner in front of him, on which is written KZL (abbreviation with which CSKA fans insult the opponent).

“I have never in my life allowed myself to insult or humiliate anyone. Or if I did, I had the strength to apologize. I have to do it now. At no point did I know what was written on the poster in question. In the minutes of joy and euphoria, I took pictures and congratulated hundreds of CSKA fans, “Mladenov said in a statement on his website.

Of course, the fans make choreographies and banners as they see fit. But we, the participants in the matches, must always show respect to the opponent. in 2000. It said “I hate CSKA!”. I want to assure all people who love football that I respect every opponent, “the coach continued.

Mladenov added that he was a teammate with Nasko Sirakov in the national team and that they still have respect for each other. Stanimir Stoilov and I are colleagues and rivals, between whom the relations are wonderful. I have dozens of friends who sympathize with “Levski”, but life has brought us together and will not separate us. That is why I want to say a big “Sorry!” To everyone for my involuntary participation in this shot. I emphasize – involuntarily! ” The coach of CSKA hopes that he will be understood.

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“And I will end that the thousands in the stands showed only one thing – our football has had it, has it and will have it, because it enjoys the eternal derby. Without” Levski “CSKA will never be the same. And vice versa. Without” Levski “I wouldn’t be the footballer and the coach I am.”