Strange births in Egypt of babies without a stomach, without skin, and with white hair

Egypt, the mother of the world and the mother of the wonders, and in it an Egyptian doctor came out to tell its media yesterday, the occurrence of strange and rare births in one of its governorates, Dr. Hamed Sayed Hamid, a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist in Luxor, the capital of the governorate with the same name in the south of Egypt.

The doctor mentioned that he had recently delivered a woman in his clinic, which is located in the center of the capital, and he was surprised that the fetus came out of her womb without skin in some parts of his body, i.e. in the foot, hand and neck from the back. to life.

Dr. Hamed Sayed added to the newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, according to what we hear in a video presented below, that the newborn was transferred from his medical center to the nursery, because he needs support in it, and that his family is currently with him until his condition improves and he is discharged in good health, so that he will follow up on his condition during The coming period, explaining that the strange birth is his third in rare cases. Last March, he gave birth to a girl who came out with white hair on her head. He also gave birth to another child who “appeared without a belly” and some parts of his stomach were incomplete.

Dr. Hamed also mentioned to the local “Cairo 24” news website, that rare births abounded in Luxor Governorate, “perhaps the reason is due to the common factor between them, which is that they (births) are the result of consanguineous marriage,” adding that the one born without skin is a girl who “suffers from the syndrome of bullous dermatosis, a disease that affects one child in every million others,” he said.

The strangest birth

He added, “The girl’s condition is very stable, and she is now in the nursery with a team of dermatologists, and what she suffers is a skin deficiency of only 20%, which indicates that her condition will improve later and she will be able to get out of the hospital.” White, blue-eyed, suffers from “Rosemberg Syndrome” caused by a genetic mutation due to inbreeding, and is in good health now.

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As for the newborn without a belly, he indicated that his birth that took place at his hands was “the strangest thing ever” to the extent that the death of the child was expected, and this happened the next day immediately. He said: “It is certain that Upper Egypt needs many awareness programs, warning of the danger of consanguineous marriage, which is the only explanation behind the widespread phenomenon of the birth of rare cases of children.