Strange development on real estate market: rent expensive, balcony cheap | Regional

Nuremberg – Strange development on the real estate market: If the rent for an apartment is expensive, the surcharge for a balcony is low.

According to a study by the Nuremberg experts from “Immowelt”, an apartment with 80 square meters in Munich costs 1350 euros cold rent. The same apartment with a balcony costs only 10 euros more.

In Düsseldorf and Hamburg, where rents are also high, there is even no surcharge.

In Dortmund (580 euros rent for 80 square meters) the balcony costs 40 euros extra, in Essen (630 euros rent), Leipzig (580 euros) and Dresden (570 euros) at least 20 euros.

And here? Living in Nuremberg is still comparatively cheap at 770 euros rent for 80 square meters, but a balcony in the Noris only costs a tenner more.

Frankfurt is also out of line: At 1010 euros, the rent is in the upper range, but a balcony also costs 40 euros more.

In 13 of the 14 cities surveyed, more than half of the dwellings had a balcony. Only in Essen was it 47 percent.