Stranger Things 4 Season Finale Trailer – In 10 Days!

We already had pictures of the second part of the fourth season of “Stranger Things” (or officially issue 2 of part 4…) for you here, as well as some first teasers, now Netflix has its successful nostalgia format also an official trailer for the conclusion donated. First of all you will find the trailer in the original English here, below there is the German dubbed version.

“The official trailer for issue 2 provides a foretaste that clearly promises: It will be more epic than ever. Can the friends break Vecna’s curse? Will Elf regain her powers? Can Joyce and Hopper escape from the Russian prison? Two extra-length final episodes provide the answers! “

The final two episodes of Season 4 will be available to view on Netflix starting Friday, July 1, 2022. Yes, only two episodes, but we get them in feature length. Although some of the previous episodes were over 70 minutes long, but well…