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Finally, the season 4 of “Stranger Things” ended and many devoured it in a single dawn. deaths that occurred in the last chapters and how the events concluded, indicate that there will be a next season. However, it will take between one to two years to launch. For this reason, we offer you other alternatives with similar themes that you can enjoy on the Netflix platform.

The final two chapters of the fourth installment premiered on July 1, leaving Max in a coma and Eleven being unable to return to normal.

In addition, the creators have confirmed that Season 5 will be the last of “Stranger Things”though could continue with the universe in some spin-offs. However, until this happens, the public needs to be kept entertained.

For this reason, we offer some titles you might like if they are fans of the history of the duffer brothers and are subscribed to Netflix.

In the first part of season 4 of “Stranger Things”, Mike goes to visit Eleven and Will in California (Photo: Netflix)


5. “The OA”

  • Seasons: 2 (Unfinished)
  • Country: USA
  • Creators: Brit Marling y Zal Batmanglide
  • Year: 2016

The series is also science fiction, supernatural and mysteries. It revolves around a blind young woman named Praire Johnson. who returns after being missing for seven years. However, a lot has changed. Now she calls herself “OA”, she has strange scars and has regained sight.

While refusing to say where she was, she forms a team to rescue the other missing persons who were with her in another dimension. They are two very good seasons with a theme similar to “Stranger Things”, although fans of the drama were disappointed after Netflix announced its cancellation and the story was left unfinished.

4. “The Umbrella Academy”

  • Seasons: 3 (Ongoing)
  • Country: USA
  • Creators: Steve Blackman
  • Year: 2019

The story of “The Umbrella Academy” is inspired by the comics with the same name created by Gerard Way., the singer of “My Chemical Romance”. In this universe, 43 women from all over the world give birth simultaneously on the same day, at the same time. However, prior to that time, they had not been pregnant.

The babies that were born had superpowers and were adopted by Reginald Hargreeves, a billionaire who trains them to be superheroes. However, a series of events causes the estrangement of the brothers, until they must reunite for the death of their father and prevent the end of the world. Season 3 premiered on June 22 and, apparently, there will be one more installment that will end the story.

3. “This shit is beyond me”

  • Seasons: 1 (Unfinished)
  • Country: USA
  • Creators: Jonathan Entwistle y Christy Hall
  • Year: 2020

The production team of “This shit is beyond me” is the same as that of “Stranger Things” and is inspired by the comics of Charles Forsman. Just like the Eleven series, this is a teen drama with supernatural touches. Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis) is a young girl with powers who is learning to control them and, at the same time, to face the problems of a typical adolescent.

Despite its similarity to the success of “Stranger Things”, Netflix decided to cancel it the same year it was first issued. The reasons would have been due to the COVID-19 pandemicsince they even had the scripts ready for the next installment.

2. “Sense 8″

  • Seasons: 2 (Finished)
  • Country: USA
  • Creators: Lana and Lily Wachowski & J. Michael Straczynski
  • Year: 2015

The plot of “Sense 8″ begins when, suddenly, eight people from different parts of the world form an inexplicable psychic connection. They also witness the suicide of a woman named Angélica, who “gave birth” to them.

A policeman in Chicago, a DJ in London, a gangster in Germany, a chemist in India, a chauffeur in Nairobi, a businesswoman in South Korea, a hacker in San Francisco and a Mexican actor, everyone sees their lives intertwined. In addition, they must discover the secrets behind these events and the secret organization that is hunting them.

1. “Dark”

  • Seasons: 3 (Finished)
  • Country: Germany
  • Creators: Baran bo Odar y Jantje Friese
  • Year: 2017

It is German thriller will be perfect for fans of productions that play with your mind and leave you thinking for hours about what is happening. In the quiet town of Winden, children begin to disappear.

As the characters investigate their whereabouts, more information is revealed about who they really are and the fact that, in one of the caves in the forest, there are a wormhole that allows them to travel through time. Definitely one of the best series Netflix has released so far.