Stranger Things season 4: An actor from the series Agents of SHIELD joins the cast

The fans of the series are relieved! In a recent interview, star Finn Wolfhard (Mike) shared some very good news about the delay in season 4 of Stranger Things. Questioned by The Guardian, the actor said about the filming of the new episodes: It was perfect. We were ahead of schedule, which has never happened before, as there is never a realistic approach to programming. Reassuring words that therefore rekindle the hope of seeing the new season of the horrific teen-show land sooner than expected on Netflix. In fact, this advance taken just before the end of filming following the coronavirus epidemic could allow production to catch up by closing the last remaining episodes more quickly.

Joel Stoffer as Enoch in the Agents of SHIELD series
Joel Stoffer as Enoch in the Agents of SHIELD series

Today, it is a whole other news that comes to delight the hearts of fans of Stranger Things. And for good reason according to the site Comicbook, an actor from the Marvel series Agents of SHIELD available on Disney + has just been announced in the casting of the next episodes. This is Joel Stoffer who plays the alien Chronicom Enoch, a character much appreciated by fans of the MCU. “I have a role that we have not yet played in Stranger Things“he revealed. Before adding: “I don’t expect it to become something recurring in the long term. I’m just waiting for them to contact me to go to Atlanta, Georgia to shoot my scene.”

Eleven in season 3 of Stranger Things
Eleven in season 3 of Stranger Things

Before explaining: “Because they have obviously been closed for a while and have not yet established their timetable.” Surprisingly, regarding the content of the role in question, the actor emphasized that he was not aware of anything: “I literally know nothing. The decision was made during the quarantine a few months ago and they sent me the pages of my scene and that’s it. I didn’t know any of the actors so I couldn’t recognize the names in the scene “. Before concluding : “You know as much as I do, they are really very secret”. Drastic security measures to avoid any risk of leakage which could compromise the suspense of future episodes! While waiting to learn more, discover this crazy theory about Hopper as the future antagonist of season 4 of Stranger Things.


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