Strasbourg, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble … At the top of the list of cities where investing in parking is the most profitable

An affordable entry ticket, reduced maintenance costs, a flexible legal framework… Investing in a car park, box or garage is advantageous in more than one way! What are the 10 cities where investing in parking is the most profitable? Update with a SeLoger survey.

While investing in a car park, box or garage is advantageous in more than one way, the selling prices, rents and rate of return differ – sometimes considerably – from one city to another. The proof with the ranking of the ten cities – of more than 100,000 inhabitants – the most profitable. A study by SeLoger.

From 4.7% to 10.4% rental profitability for a car park!

According to the data collected by SeLoger, it is in Strasbourg that it is the most profitable to invest in a parking space. In fact, in the Bas-Rhin prefecture, gross rental profitability reached 10.4% for a rent of around € 101 per month.

“Remember that the costs associated with its maintenance, management, financing and taxation (tax, social security contributions, etc.) are not taken into account when calculating the gross profitability of a rental investment. As with real estate, the rental of a garage, box or parking space is subject to housing tax, property tax and VAT. Regarding the property tax, it is around 3 months rent. Another clarification concerning the housing tax, it only concerns car parks located less than one kilometer from the accommodation, ”says Séverine Amate, spokesperson for the SeLoger group.

With 7.1% gross rental profitability, Saint-Étienne has managed to climb to the second step of our podium. As for Stéphanois rents, they are around 50 € monthly for a parking space. The bronze medal is won by Grenoble. The Capital of the Alps has no less than 7.1% rental profitability and the rents charged there amount to 77 €, on average. Next are Montpellier (6.6% profitability for an average rent of € 79), Marseille (6.3% / € 99 per month), Villeurbanne (5.6% / € 70) and Toulouse (5.3% / 78 €). Finally, Aix-en-Provence, Paris and Lyon brought up the rear with rates of return limited, respectively, to 5.1%, 4.9% and 4.7%.

The 10 cities where investing in a parking space is the most advantageous

Cities Profits Rents
Strasbourg 10,4 % 83 €
Saint Etienne 7,1 % 50 €
Grenoble 6,8 % 77 €
Montpellier 6,6 % 79 €
Marseille 6,3 % 99 €
Villeurbanne 5,6 % 70 €
Toulouse 5,3 % 78 €
Aix en Provence 5,1 % 101 €
Paris 4,9 % 131 €
Lyon 4,7 %

Real estate prices that vary from single to double

The rental profitability of an investment depends not only on the amount of rents charged but also on the price at which the property has been purchased. And parking spaces are no exception. However, reading the figures, differences – sometimes significant – separate the prices of car parks according to the cities where they are located. Unsurprisingly, it is in Paris that it costs the most to own a parking space with an average price of € 31,804. Also expect to have to spend more than € 30,000 if you invest in a parking space in Boulogne-Billancourt (€ 31,301), in Nice (€ 30,967) or even in Bordeaux (€ 30,286).

According to SeLoger’s data, the average prices for a parking space, garage or box of at least 20 m² range from € 23,856 in Lyon to € 20,500 in Toulon, passing through € 23,640 in Aix-en- Provence and € 22,716 in Lille. And investing in a parking space will cost you, on average, less than € 20,000 if you set your sights on Marseille (€ 18,892) or even Le Havre (€ 15,575).

Finally, and although these cities are not in our top 10, here are the prices (total and per m²) in Strasbourg (9,558 € / 588 € / m²), in Saint-Étienne (8,436 € / 167 € / m² ), in Grenoble (13,530 € / 815 € / m²), in Montpellier (14,296 € / 997 € / m²), in Villeurbanne (15,126 € / 1,072 € / m²) and in Toulouse (17,514 € / 1 368 € / m²).

The 10 cities where buying a parking space costs the most

Cities Global price Price / m²
Paris 31 804 € 2 683 €
Boulogne-Billancourt 31 301 € 2 443 €
Nice 31 967 € 2 350 €
Bordeaux 30 286 € 2 350 €
Lyon 23 856 € 1 834 €
Aix en Provence 23 640 € 1 723 €
Little 22 716 € 1 603 €
Toulon 20 500 € 1 432 €
Marseille 18 892 € 1 390 €
Le Havre 17 595 € 1 234 €

For parking in Paris, use 13e arrondissement

If the prices and expected returns vary, sometimes enormously, from one city to another, the same is true in inner Paris. Because depending on the district where the parking space is located, it can cost up to 2.5 times more expensive! Count 1,790 € / m² for a parking space in the 19e arrondissement and € 4,513 / m² for the same product but in the (very chic and very expensive!) 16e borough. In terms of gross rental profitability, the best scores were found in the 13e (7.3%), 7th (6.4%) and 9e/19e (5.9%) arrondissements.

What profitability can be expected for a parking space in Paris?

Boroughs Profits
13e 7,3 %
7e 6,4 %
19e / 9e 5,9 %
18e/10e 5,4 %
2e 5,2 %
11e 4,9 %
14e 4,8 %
12e 4,7 %
6e / 8e / 17e 4,6 %
5e/16e 4,3 %

Investing in a parking lot in Paris, is it (still) a good plan?

While the scarcity of parking spaces increases the value of private parking spaces, we can legitimately ask the question whether the hunt for cars by the Paris city hall does not risk, in the long term, drying up an investment that does not has never been so juicy?

What advice for (well) investing in a parking space?

In addition to the profitability that this provides, investing in a parking space has a number of advantages over traditional rental stone (residential, of course). The entrance ticket is generally accessible (with the exception of cities such as Paris or the nearby Boulogne-Billancourt) and the maintenance costs are low. On the other hand, the risk of rental vacancy cannot be underestimated. To limit it, set a rent that is consistent with the market. Also anticipate resale by choosing a location that is easy to access and does not require a series of slots, U-turns and other maneuvers to park there without risking damage to your car.

“Whenever possible, also favor secure parking. Finally, be aware that notary fees tend to be higher for a parking space than for accommodation ”, concludes Séverine Amate.

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