Strasbourg: the Dodgers are preparing a big event at the Vélodrome!

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This is one of the games to watch tonight, Olympique de Marseille hosts RC Strasbourg for a top game. The stakes are high, since with a positive result, the men of Jorge Sampaoli would ensure their place in the Champions League. For the occasion, Provence decided to interview Olivier Echouafni. The latter announced a major event: the Dodger’s 30th anniversary celebrations:

« They are used to it and they will play at the Vélodrome for the Dodger’s 30th anniversary. I was contacted by Dodger’s, Christian and Colette Cataldo. I was one of the first “Honorary Dodgers” in 1995 and they invited me to their celebration tomorrow, all day with their 3,200 members. They’re up to something crazy. I stayed in contact with them, there is a real friendship. »

to summarize

Tonight, the Dodgers are preparing a big party for the 30th anniversary of their ultra association. This is good, because Olympique de Marseille receives Strasbourg in a match that promises to be boiling. If you win, it could be crazy!