Strasbourg: the student general assembly votes the complete block of the university

Strasbourg: the student general assembly votes the complete block of the university

At 1:30 pm on Monday, the student general assembly gathered outside the Patio, voted Renewable extension of the blockage to the entire Esplanade campus (359 votes to 260). Earlier in the morning, students had blocked two buildings: the Patio and the new Patio. The occupation of one of the buildings was also decided. The implementation of these two decisions should be decided during the afternoon at student committees. The next general meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12th. This Monday morning, the blockage resumed at the University of Strasbourg, following a vote in a general meeting on Thursday, April 12, which members of the UNI, student union affiliated to the right, had been excluded . The previous week, access to several buildings had been banned for three days by students opposed, among others, to the Law on Orientation and Student Success (ORE). The text, adopted in March, modifies the conditions of access to higher education for the beginning of September 2018. This first block was lifted Wednesday, April 11 by a general meeting that brought together nearly 900 people. Below, the live morning debate: 1:40 p.m.. Dispersion of students The general assembly adopts a last proposal while the students, believing the closed meeting, leave little by little. The occupation of a campus building is therefore adopted in a relative disorder. The modalities of the action should be decided later by a committee. The general assembly closed shortly before 2 pm / © Vincent Ballester 1:27 p.m.. The general assembly votes the total block The blockage of the entire campus is adopted by the students gathered at 359 votes against 260. It is renewable. The date of the next General Assembly is Wednesday, April 18th. Adoption of the blockage of all the buildings of the university, on April 16th. / © Vincent Ballester Voting is by show of hands. Among the proposals adopted: the refusal of the presence of CRS on campus, the withdrawal of the immigration bill, support for the ZAD Notre-Dame-des Landes or the elimination of the system of grandes écoles. Voting by students is by show of hands. / © Vincent Ballester 12:50. The assembly is organizing for the vote Over time, about 500 people gathered to take part in the vote, which is being organized on the esplanade. © Vincent Ballester 12:16. Enumeration of the proposals put to the vote The students follow each other in a megaphone to state the proposals that will be submitted to the vote of the general assembly. Among the measures envisaged: the total blocking of the buildings and the disruption of the exams, the participation of the presidency in the debates or, in a more humorous tone, the transfer of the attacker Karim Benzema. About 500 people gathered for this general assembly. / © Vincent Ballester 12:07. Banalization announced for April 19 The general assembly announces that one of the demands posed on Thursday, April 12th, has been accepted by the presidency of the university. This one demands that the day of April 19, during which must take place a ” manifestation of convergence of struggles “Throughout the country, being trivialized, students could take part in the mobilization without their absence being counted. 11:15. First debates on the relevance of the blocking After an update on the functioning of the debates, these begin. Several interventions focus on the choice of blocking to express the claims. Among the speakers, a STAPS student says that ” there are other ways of acting than to block everyone “.” Blocking is our only way to be visible “, replies a member of Jeunesses Communistes. The debates before the proposals of vote, Monday, April 16th. / © Vincent Ballester 11:05. Beginning of the general meeting A few hundred people gathered outside for this new student general assembly. Members of UNI, affiliated student union to the right, are admitted but can not speak. About 400 people gathered in front of the University of Strasbourg for a new student general assembly. / © Vincent Ballester In the preamble, the creation of a ” wrestling journal “is announced, its title:” chocolate graduates “, in reference to the comments made by Emmanuel Macron in the newspaper of 13h TF1 April 12. The President of the Republic had stated that the blockages were the work of” messy professionals “Minority. ” The students must understand one thing: if they want to have their exams at the end of the year, it’s better to revise them, because there will be no chocolate exam in the Republic. “, he added. 11h. Resumption of university blockage As voted in a general meeting Friday, April 13, several buildings were again blocked on Monday, including the New Patio. This administrative building, nicknamed ” Dungeon of Deneken “by the students after the name of the president of the university, includes administrative functions. The New Patio, blocked this Monday, April 16th. / © Vincent Ballester

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