Strategy “Creating the Future of Thailand” for the Red Ocean, Economics, Leads Politics

Look for a sudden flash of light forThe Future Thai Party after Hye Kuang or Somkid Jatusripitak Accepting the position of party chairman At the beginning of September after there was a strong urge to come down and lead the army

With the skill of Somkid, people in politics and economy They all knew what level name was here, which was why this sect had to have this veteran. because he knew that to be able to continue politically, he had to focusSolving economic problems in the famine era

Key Strategies of the Future Thai Party therefore focus mainly on this matter and the coming of Somkid thus filling the elements to lead to the goal inelectionNext time, in the next few months.

Somkid’s Advantage is the ability to mobilize knowledgeable people from different places to fully engage in political work It was evident from his time as Deputy Prime Minister during the NCPO era. Uttama Saenai party leader andSontirat Sontijirawong party secretary is a wise person pushed to have a role in the Cabinet including the set rangePalang Pracharath Party The new generation or people who have not many talents were given a chance

In addition, Somkid’s communication It is one of the highlights that always attracts attention. Speaking on stage in the latter part seems to be so fierce thatauthority andcoalition governmentSome parties have already been startled in a row. On the other hand, Somkid is also someone who can speak to build confidence in business and investment.

So create the future of Thailand that emphasizes the image of a party that will solve economic problems with an economic approach to political leadership to fight in the next election field That is considered a Red Ocean is highly competitive. Will it be enough to rely on the strength of the leadership policy alone? Because many parties have noted that build the future of Thailand to be strong inDistrict Assembly candidateshow much will they compete for seats from all 400 districts, includingparty list MPs How many people will enter the sign?

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The number of votes in the House of Representatives is also important. getting more or less It will also be an indicator of the party’s signature policies used in the campaign. Will it actually happen or not?

by target areas such as the southern Andaman zone There is also an area in Bangkok. Like the party’s eye, the movement now has its leaders distributing stipulations on a monthly basis to candidates who have been using them to build spaces for months.

Must follow up that Somkid’s political field this time. will lead the party to create the future of Thailand How far can you soar? Still no one has been able to give an answer. because from now on There are many more proofs ahead.