Strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command also available on PC

With today’s release on PC, the mobile game Star Trek ™ Fleet Command is celebrating its cross-platform debut. The 4X massively multiplayer online title (MMO) by Scopely and its studio DIGIT was created in collaboration with ViacomCBS.

The loyal player community spends an average of five hours a day exploring and conquering the multiverse. That’s how it counts Star Trek Fleet Command so far more than 14 billion battles and a whopping 500 million hours of play.

The brand new Multiverse trailer shows for the first time all popular captains from different timelines of the Star Trek-Lore.

Originally the content was based on the “Kelvin Timeline” of the Star TrekFilm universe. Over time, more content from the past and present of Star Trek added, including content based on the successful CBS series Star Trek: Discovery as The Next Generation und Gene Roddenberry’s The Original Series. Today offers Star Trek™ Fleet Command an immersive and comprehensive multiverse full of familiar and new stories that come together in each new update.

The PC release of Star Trek™ Fleet Command gives fans new possibilities to personalize their adventures thanks to the cross-platform feature. Smooth, comprehensive progress enables a seamless transition between devices, whether handheld or stationary. Popular social features such as alliances and the Battlepass get a boost through cross-play, unite PC and mobile players and connect the universe like never before.

In celebration of the PC release of Star Trek™ Fleet Command Players who download and play the PC version receive exclusive extras:

  • Cross-platform resource bundle: New and existing mobile players who link their account on PC earn a variety of in-game resources as soon as they log into the PC.
  • Unique cosmetic avatars and frames: Anyone who downloads during the launch week will receive PC-exclusive items for their own style.
  • Exklusive Deals: In-game resources and extras are available for less.
  • “Resistance on PC is futile” competition: If you download the game on PC, you have the chance of a Star Trek Fleet Command Borg Cube ATX Limited Special Edition Battlestation.
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Star Trek™ Fleet Command is available as a free download on mobile platforms and PC.