[Stream] Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – Adventures by Lutsis

[Stream] Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – Adventures by

The Kingdom of Lutsis hides a lot of secrets, so we again go on a journey through the expanses of role-playing game Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition . We invite our viewers to join us during the live broadcast, which will be held today, March 13, at 21:00 Moscow time on our Twitch channel. Prince Noktis and his noisy company will make their way into the tombs of the ancient kings and will unravel the intrigues of the great empire. Watch our stream and discuss it with other viewers right in this thread. “Prince Noktis, along with his best friends, goes on the road to meet his bride the Moon. Along the way, he receives a terrible news: the enemies seized his home country under the pretext of peace talks, and his beloved father Regis and the prince himself were declared dead. To accumulate forces that will open the truth and liberate their native country, Noktis and his faithful companions must overcome many trials in a stunning open world full of incredible creatures, amazing miracles and insidious enemies. ” (c) 13-Mar-2018 , Kerayra ; All news of the section

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