Streamer pulls jenga from Xbox that Microsoft gave him without knowing its real value

An Asian youtuber named 승우 아빠 surprised his thousands of followers on social networks after he published a video where he appears pulling a jenga Xbox Series X that Microsoft I had given him.

The young Korean, who usually streams cooking and video games (especially World of Warcraft), believed that they had given him the game console. Seeing that it was a board game, he decided to throw it

As detailed by Atomix, a portal specialized in video games, the gift of Microsoft it was more valuable than it seemed, since every block of the jenga it included a code and everything would be valued at about a thousand dollars.

After learning his mistake, the streamer deleted the video of your channel YouTube and Twitch. However, several users on Twitter, Reddit, among other social networks did not hesitate to upload the images again.

What did the Xbox Series X of Jenga bring?

According to the SomosXbox portal, youtubers DashieXP and Stallion83 used their social networks to thank the company for the gift. They also raffled off the jenga pieces among their thousands of followers.

Why are they so valuable? Each block of this board game included a special code that provides access (for one year) to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft’s subscription service.

You may not know it, but those people who pay for this service get free access to more than 350 video games classics of Xbox like Fusion Frenzy, the Halo series, among others.



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