On the warpath are residents of a neighborhood in the commune of Florida, after a group of residents began to install a fence to close a main street due to the security problems they have had.

According to those who seek to close the street in the El Hualle neighborhood, installing a fence would make it possible to better deal with crime which has become increasingly prevalent in the area.

However, the regulations would prohibit the intervention of private individuals in this public space For this reason, a municipal official was forced to order the cessation of the works, leaving a few solitary irons installed in the already intervened tray.

We are 98 houses, of which 94 or 96 agree with the closure of this community, which has a single entry and exit ”, says Rodolfo, a neighbor who supports the closure. “There have been doors slamming, robberies. This month there have been at least three robberies at home, “added Ingar, also a resident.

But other neighbors are against the idea, either because they maintain they will be isolated when installing this fence or because it is not possible to build in this public place.

“I cannot prevent anyone, neither from my neighborhood nor from any commune in Chile, from coming to use and enjoy this plaza. Why they are national assets for public use“Said Macarena, one of the neighbors who opposes the construction.

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“I am the one affected, they are putting a ladder on me so they can rob my house. This is what we have said, but they insist that they have permits, ”added Carlos, who also does not agree with the installation of the fence.

It was the technical bodies of the municipality who decided that they could not finally allow this construction, and if the community closed this street she would risk being fined 2UTM, just over $ 100,000.

We are willing to pay the fine and we will continue working“Said Gabriel, a neighbor in favor of the closure. “We are willing to pay the fine because we wanted it to start now, because if we wait 10 more months they will continue robbing us,” added Pilar.

According to the mayor of Florida, Rodolfo Carter, not everything would be settled and will ask that the decreed by the municipal organisms be reviewed. “Only those streets that have a single exit can be closed, in the particular case, it has only one exit, a tray in the middle and a green area, and the legal and works management had the criteria not to allow it. I’m going to ask you to check it againCarter stated.

If the work continues with authorization from the municipality, neighbors who oppose the idea warn that they will go to other judicial instances.

The problem of these residents of Florida is repeated in other regions of the country, so a group of mayors already requested to modify the regulations so that the closure of streets is allowed under certain conditions.


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