Strengthening IKN Security, TNI Commander Proposes Additional Personnel and Alutsista – Commander TNI General Andika Perkasa proposed the addition of the main defense system equipment (defense equipment). One of the reasons for this proposal is to strengthen defense in the national capital (IKN) of the archipelago.

“Yes, we also propose to add personnel and defense equipment,” said Andika at the Gadjah Mada University (UGM) complex, Wednesday (25/5).

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Andika hopes that the defense equipment application can get approval from the government.

Andika added that although later the proposed defense equipment system would not be ideally approved, he would still maximize IKN security to the maximum.

“But what we explain is that it is also impossible for us to get support ideally. What is important is what we have, we try to maximize our title there (IKN),” said Andika.

Andika added that the defense equipment problem is a complex matter. In addition to the addition of units, there are also complements and maintenance of existing defense equipment.

“Even if there is no new one, we will shift the relocation of our assets to existing points. The point is, we must make maximum security for the new capital,” added Andika.