Stress, anxiety, burnout… How public transport ruins our health

According to INSEE, more than half of the people who work in intramural Paris take more than 50 minutes to return home. MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP

DECRYPTION – The specialists are unanimous on the potentially serious psychological consequences caused by the daily use of public transport.

7:07 p.m., a Thursday in October. A haunting beep indicates that the double doors will soon close like a cleaver. On the platform of the Place de Clichy metro station in Paris, repressed passengers remain massed in front of the doors, some pushing as if in the middle of a melee, shouting at the passengers inside the train. The metro is overflowing with people; the bodies are compressed, while the faces, chins raised, print a distressing distress. The beep expires, the doors slam, the train leaves.

The scene, which takes place every day in Paris as in many big cities, is enough to drive you crazy. In the figurative sense, but also in the strict sense…

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