Stress Can Inhibit Weight Loss Process, This Is The Doctor’s Explanation


Illustration – how to relieve stress in order to successfully lose weight. – Maybe NOVA’s friends are confused, why doesn’t your weight go down even though you are on a healthy diet?

It turns out that applying a healthy diet or diet is not enough.

In addition to diet, we also need to relieve stress.

Yes, apparently stress can hinder the weight loss process.

This was conveyed by the Halodoc Nutrition Specialist, dr. Shiela Stefani M.Gizi, Sp.GK, AIFO-K, FINEM in the virtual HaloTalks event with HaloDiet which was held by Halodoc, Tuesday (14/06).

Shiela explained, stress hormones can interfere with the body’s metabolism.

So, eventually the fat burning process in the body will decrease.

“Stress hormones interfere with our body’s metabolism. Stress hormones themselves interfere with our metabolism so that this fat burning will decrease.”

“That’s what hinders weight loss, if someone is still stressed or has high stress levels,” explains Shiela.

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