Stricter entry rules when entering from Germany>

06. September 2021 – 17:48 clock

Germany upgraded in the Netherlands

In Germany, the corona numbers keep increasing. That is why our neighboring country has now taken the necessary steps: From September 6th, new and stricter entry regulations for Germans will apply in the Netherlands.

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Which entry rules apply from Monday?

From September 6th, the Netherlands will control the 3Gs. This means that proof of a vaccination, a negative test or recovery is required when entering from Germany. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in The Hague. Children under the age of 12 are excluded. In the future, anyone flying to the Netherlands by plane will have to fill out a health declaration beforehand and have it with them.

Vaccinated Dutch people were also advised to undergo a rapid test when they returned from Germany. Most recently, there were no particular restrictions when entering the Netherlands from Germany. (dpa / dbö)

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