Alesha Dixon, winner of Strictly Come Dancing, who won the show in 2007 before returning as a judge, said she understands why dance partners can mutually expire, making the training "intense."

At the Jonathan Ross Show, she said, "Sexual chemistry is real. They rub themselves on her!

"It's intense, so I can see how it is on this road."

Alesha talked about the infamous curse after Seann Walsh, 32, and his married dance partner Katya Jones, 29, saw each other kiss last month.

The "curse" refers to relationships that ended after a stay on the BBC talent show.

Alesha, who was single at the time, thought about her own time on the show and said that she "probably" tried to kiss her dance partner Matthew Cutler.

She added, "I probably tried to smooch [Matthew]to know me!

"Strictly, I was just so focused on doing good work that I did not have time for the handkerchief and nonsense that goes on.

"It did not even come to my mind. This is the place to dance. "

Alesha added that she was grateful that she was "single" because she could devote herself to the show without worrying about the curse.

She spilled, "If I was in a relationship at the time I was asked to do the show, I would have had to think about it.

"The fact that I was single and did not have to worry was helpful, so I could just concentrate on this trophy!"

Alesha won the 2007 Glitterball Cup on the show.

Two years later, she returned as a judge and replaced Arlene Phillips.

The former Misteeq star stayed on the jury for three years before judging the British Got Talent.

The strict stars Seann and Katya were selected from the show last weekend.

The duo was not able to impress the audience with their Viennese waltz by enchanting you and putting you into the dance-off of Screamin & # 39; Jay Hawkins.

Last month the two of them closed their lips during a night in London, even though the duo was in a relationship at the time.

The Strictly Stars talked about their antics and described them as a drunken "uniqueness".

Katias husband Neil Jones talked about the curse a few days before his wife kissed the comedian.

He told Heat Magazine, "It's just one of those where I say, is it really?

"If they want to cheat, they'll cheat anyway. I do not think it's a curse, it just happens. "

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One tomorrow at 19:05.


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