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Strictly dancing couples face the music in the first show after this kiss

When tension broke out this week from the dance routines of Seann Walsh and Katya Jones Strictly Come Dancing, then it probably was not sexual – not anymore. He played a pizzeria to Charleston (rumored to have been hastily altered by the planned rumba), the pair crackled almost tangibly with nervousness, perhaps overcompensating the fizz and sparkle, while dancing significantly worse than last week's Paso Doble , Although maybe that was understandable.

Last week, Walsh, 32, was known for the comedy, while Jones, 29, a professional dancer and choreographer, partnered with Ed Balls in 2016 and won last year Strict with Joe McFadden. All this changed when Walsh and Jones were kissed in front of a pub. Jones is married (with the dancer Neil Jones, who also works Strict), while Walsh was in a five-year relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries. "Was" the operative word. While Walsh and Jones publicly apologized, Walsh did not apologize directly to Humphries, who ended her relationship in a now infamous tweet. This related how she was left alone on her birthday on the night of the kiss, and that when she told Walsh that she had suspicions, she called me "aggressive and repetitive" psychic / crazy / mental, as he has done countless times when I questioned his inappropriate and hurtful behavior. "Humphries went on to summon women," to trust your instincts. "It's more than just lying, his controlling."

Obviously, no outsider knows the truth about the relationship between Walsh and Humphries. On the Strict Companion show, It takes two, Walsh said that her relationship is not perfect and "the people who know me most, who love me, know that I'm not the person I'm portrayed for". But while the nation fared and some wanted to strip the couple from the show, it became interesting how the narrative was repeatedly drawn into the kiss. The question became whether – or not – some people overreacted to a cheeky, drunken smooch. (Strict Judge, Craig Revel Horwood jokingly said that Walsh and Jones should be made to make "The Dance of Shame." There has also been much talk about the so-called "Strict Curse".

But while the kiss /Strict Curse "would have always had a few miles, the game changer here was Humphries & # 39; Tweet, about things beyond the Strict Bubble and threw an unexpected grim shadow between the sequins and sequins. Suddenly, it was not just stupidity, drunkenness or the intoxicating intimacy of dance training. This was a description of behavior that suggested "gaslighting" – where someone has distorted his view of reality through a manipulative partner and is made to feel hysterical, irrational, or indeed "psychic". Forget it "Strict Curse "; Humphries Tweet was one Strict Image problem for the family light entertainment show (there have been reports that domestic violence raised concerns charities).

Perhaps this explains the determined and occasionally somewhat brittle "show must continue!" Atmosphere on this issue of the week Strictwhere Walsh and Jones finished fifth in the rankings, tied with their destiny until the results show. While moderators Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman gave a few cautious hints ("It's been a week already!"), The main attraction of this viewer was "trademark protection", not just for Walsh and Jones, but for the Strict Moloch himself. Nobody wants to trigger a witch hunt against Walsh.

However, one year after #MeToo it must be disappointing when a woman talking about an experience is nearly "closed" or at least passed over nationwide and the alleged "prurience" becomes the public's bigger story. Whatever the truth of this week's events, let's not pretend it's ever really about people getting their panties over in a pretty po-faced turn for a saucy, drunken kiss.



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