Amy Dowden is expected to star in the men's world of Remembrance Day on Sunday of Strictly Come Dancing, after it emerges that her celebrity partner Danny John-Jules is "bullying" her – something they both dispute on Friday It Takes Two was revealed that the special routine paid tribute to RAF service women during the Second World War. Speaking of the upcoming group dance and sharing backstage footage, choreographer Karen Bruce said: "The story is about the fighting Women had to be pilots … these special women broke new ground.
Leading actress: Amy Dowden will take the lead role in the male world. To the group dance of the Remembrance Day on Sunday Strictly Come Dancing & # 39; Amy is our leading role. She's in the men's world and has to fight to become a pilot In terms of her upcoming role, Amy said, "I'm so honored to play such a big role, because my grandfather was in the RAF and has been in World War II from the beginning fought to the end. "This is emotionally and physically the most challenging dance I have ever done. Danny and Amy also set the record after it was alleged that he had insulted and shouted at them during training. The Red Dwarf actor, 58, and the Welsh dancer The 27-year-old was asked by host Gethin Jones: & # 39; It was a difficult week of training for Danny and Amy. "Strictly did a lot of press today and I know you guys would like to say a few words about it. How do you want to answer? "
What a Drama?: Also during the show Danny and Amy set the record after it was alleged that he had allegedly verbally abused and shouted at them during the training. Amy then said, "Yes, this is our turn! Recently the rehearsals got a bit heavier, "Gethin added." This was Wednesday? "Yeah, but you know what we did for half an hour and got straight to it," the professional dancer continued. "I never felt threatened or bullied by Danny, I really want to bring this guy to Blackpool and then to the final." As Gethin lit the situation, he joked, "She said the word B (Blackpool), what about you? Danny? "
"Intense": Red Dwarf actor 58 and the Welsh dancer, 27, were asked by host Gethin Jones for allegations he allegedly swore and shouted during training
"Intensive": Then Amy said: "Yes, now it's our turn! The rehearsals got a bit more intense the other day ", Gethin added:" This was Wednesday? "With the actor added," Well, all I can say is that I'm the only reason I'm here. Because of Amy and I would never bite the hand that feeds me. "I am more than happy. It's probably the best dance we've done in the last few days since my show. And I'm just happy to go along, she's the boss, she's wearing the pants. Why should I quarrel with a Welsh woman! "The interview comes after Danny is reportedly given a" last warning "from show bosses over his" bullying "behavior. The Red Dwarf actor reportedly left his professional partner Amy in tears during the training after shouting at and screaming at the dancer who is in her second series on the hit BBC show.
Joke: In the early morning hours of Friday morning, he uploads a meme from King Kong, which holds a distraught Ann Darrow, and adds the title "My New CV …".
Star: The Red Dwarf actor, 58, allegedly left his professional partner Amy Dowden in tears during training after shouting at and screaming at the dancer
Star-studded: In the picture to see how it goes away Two were prominent guests for the evening Martin Kemp (left) and Georgia Toffolo (right)
Stylish: Ashley Roberts also appeared in the spin-off show in a glamorous silver dress. The Screen Star, however, was shocked by the allegations when he used his Twitter account in the early hours of Friday morning to upload a memorandum from King Kong that had an emergency. Ann Darrow added the headline: "My new CV. . ". He also wrote on the micro-blogging site that his conscience had never been clearer when he went through the reports and retweeted several supporting messages. The Sun said Amy threatened to leave the show while a source told MailOnline it was a "hard" week for the couple. Sources have claimed that Amy, 27, stormed out of training this week after her partner had abused and shouted at her.
Dream Team: Aljaž Škorjanec and his dance partner Kate Silverton were in a good mood on It Takes Two
Furious Scenes: Sources have claimed that Amy, 27, stormed out of training this week after her partner cursed and shouted at her
Threatened to end? After escaping to a café on Wednesday after a tense session, the Welsh dancer called the producers and said she did not know if she could continue. He gets very angry in the gym and swears and screams at her. He also makes many digressive comments about his being famous, not her. After escaping to a café on Wednesday after a tense session, the Welsh dancer called the producers and said she did not know if she could go on and led the bosses to meet a number of meetings with the acclaimed actor. A source close to the show downplayed the bullying incident against MailOnline and said, "It was a difficult week for Danny and Amy learning their challenging samba routine." After a long day of practice they had done it A little disagreement, but they have left their differences behind and were back in rehearsals today and look forward to performing on the show on Saturday night. The Sun insider adds that the popular Amy is supported by her fellow dancers on the show and speculates, "Everyone from Strictly wants Danny to leave." Danny himself admitted in an interview with The Sun last week that he was not He contacted his stern co-stars and stated, "Anything that's part of your contract, like It Takes Two, I do, but as far as socializing is concerned, I was not traveling with a member of the cast. "Although Danny does not make any arguments, the arguments were made physically to perform 120 hours of community service for attacking two dustmen, the district judge in an incident last week in the headlines, after he had declared that most celebrities today an insult to real Entertainer like himself.
Reparation: The couple looked good-humored when they filmed together for It Takes Two on Thursday night and beamed for the cameras. The 58-year-old likened himself to Cliff Richard and George Michael and claimed to think of him as an "entertainer" rather than a celebrity. In an interview with the Sun, Danny confessed that he felt in a different league after the Strictly lineup was criticized for its lack of "real" celebrities. He said, "I'm at a different level, talking about different artists, working with people like Norman Wisdom, Bernie Winters, Freddie's Parrot-Face Davies and Vince Hill, and on and on … they're stars. Celebrities are an insult to these guys today. "But he does not blame the producers for what he finds to be a lack of entertainers and claims that finding a real star is impossible today. A celebrity appears in some episodes from Love Island, which leads to confusion between a celebrity and an entertainer.
Hard Week: A source close to the show downplayed the episode for MailOnline and said, "It was a difficult week for Danny and Amy learning their challenging samba routine." the celebrity in the room will look at the star. Danny and Amy scored the first ten of the 2018 series with their Jive two weeks ago, but in a shocking streak, the pair fell to their last appearance on Saturday night with only 22 points to the last place in the ranking. Meanwhile, Amy was there Fighting with a nasty ankle injury following a collision with pro-colleague Gorka Marquez during a group dance exercise for the show's Halloween special. While the dancer for Spirit In The Sky had to be provided for American Smooth, Amy believed that Danny had actually helped him reach a score of 30 in the last week because he was so worried. She added: "We did not get to all the samples on Friday. I think Danny helped. He really played when getting in and out of the lifts. He was brilliant, he lifted me wonderfully around this floor and I was not worried. "
It continues: "After a long practice day they had a slight difference of opinion, but they have left their differences behind," the source told MailOnline


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