Strike at Air France: 70% of flights on Tuesday, management proposes an increase

Strike at Air France: 70% of flights on Tuesday, management proposes an increase

Air France plans to ensure “70% of its flights” Tuesday, as last Wednesday, for the eighth day of the strike movement launched in February by a large inter-union wage demands. The airline has detailed the disturbances via a statement . While discussions resumed on Monday with the Air France management, the inter-union has made a new proposal according to her “exit conflict”, while recalling the four days of strike scheduled Tuesday and Wednesday, and 23 and 24 April. Tuesday, the long-haul flights will be the most affected, with 55% of the insured flights, against 60% on the last day of strike last Wednesday and 65% last Tuesday. Only the first day of the strike, February 22, had seen the long-haul more impacted, with only half of the insured flights. Air France anticipates the maintenance of 65% of its medium-haul flights to and from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (stable), as well as 80% of its short-haul flights to Paris-Orly and the provinces (against 75%). Nice Côte-d’Azur airport plans to cancel 40% of Air France flights, subsidiary Hop! included, on arrival and 43% on departure. “Disturbances and delays are not excluded,” warned the airline. More than one in four drivers on strike It has reported rates of strikers, from preliminary declarations only, down. It will reach 29.6% among the pilots (against 36.3% last Wednesday), 20.4% among the hostesses and stewards (against 21.6%) and 12.4% for the ground staff (against 15, 1%). According to the management, despite these declining rates, “the impact on the program remains significant mainly because of the stability of the pilots’ schedule, which it is imperative to respect”. After two days of negotiations, the Inter has kept Friday its next four calls to strike. “The leadership remains encamped on a multi-year agreement (on wages),” said Karim Taïbi of FO on Friday. Union revises downward requirements On Monday, during a new negotiation session, the inter-union has done, “in a search for balance and listening,” a proposal revised downward from the 6% increase it claims: 5 , 1% in two stages (+ 3.8% in April and + 1.3% in October), a proposal based on inflation recognized by management, she says. In a statement, the Inter believes that this proposal allows an “exit conflict”. “Refusing it would be perfectly irresponsible on the part of management,” she adds. The management’s response was slow. She proposed in the evening to the unions a draft final agreement providing for a wage increase of 2% immediately and a rise of 5% over three years. These proposals, in the context of a “growth pact for the future”, are “strong and economically sustainable”, says the management in a statement . Air France lays down its conditions For 2018, the 2% increase it had previously proposed would be effective immediately, on 1 April, and no longer in two stages. As for the increase in salary scales of 5% over three years (2019-2021), it would decline to 1.65% per year, with a floor of 40 euros monthly. “With this agreement, salaries would be increased, on average over the period, by 12.5%,” says Air France, including a general increase of 7% for all categories of staff and individual increases (seniority, promotions … ). But this “pact” is subject to condition. The planned increases would be adjusted “in the event that Air France’s operating result is less than 200 million euros” and a reversion clause applied “in the event of higher inflation or a negative result”, states the airline company. This agreement is subject to signature until Friday 12 noon.

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