Strike at Orly airport in France: flights to Algeria impacted?

Strikes are multiplying in France, and this time it is the aviation sector that is affected. Indeed, a new strike action by air traffic controllers is expected to cause various disruptions for various travelers.

In a statement released via their tweeter page on Friday March 17, 2023, the DGAC asked airlines to cancel 20% of their flights scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at certain airports, including Paris-Orly, due to a strike by air traffic controllers who oppose pension reform.

The flight schedule will be reduced for Orly, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse and Bordeaux on Saturday, while only Orly, Marseille and Toulouse will be affected on Sunday. The administration stressed in a statement that this situation represents an improvement for air passengers since the start of the mobilization, which began on Tuesday.

Strike at the airport: which flights are canceled or postponed?

It should first be noted that no precise information has been given as to the countries and flights concerned for the moment. In its press release, the DGAC states that “disturbances and delays are to be expected”.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation therefore explains that travelers are asked to postpone or cancel their trip as a precaution. Nevertheless, not giving more details, she invites those concerned to inquire “with their airline to find out the status of their flight”.

Algerian travelers must therefore approach the airline that will accompany them in order to have more information about the potential cancellation of flights.