Unions and committees of the ArcelorMittal steel company in AsturiasThey will promote mobilizations with activity stoppages from the day if the multinational does not renounce the temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) by force majeure, which will involvea 30% pay cut for affected workers and more than 20% compared to the negotiated ERTE that the company is currently applying.

The union centers will call a strike and mobilizations as wellif the multinational does not reconsider the dismissal of eventual personnel with a current contract.

On the other hand,the blast furnace “A”, from the Gijón factory, one of those existing in Asturias (and the only ones in Spain), has been paralyzed today according to the activity adjustment plans announced by the companyto face the difficulties of the European market and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic andmeasures to contain mobility and business activity in Spainto contain the contagions.

The stop of this critical installation is added to that of the compact steelworks in Sestao (Basque Country),which produces steel by non-integral methods (it does it from scrap metal) and three other blast furnaces in Europeand the postponement of the entry into service of another.In Asturias, the wire rod train of Gijón also stopped days agoand the two galvanizing lines of the Avilés factory.


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