Strike in Bois-Rouge: the stalled situation

Negotiations between the management of Tereos and the inter-union CGTR-CFDT-FO resumed this morning. Thirty planters came to express their dissatisfaction by entering the premises of the Bois-Rouge plant.

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The tone is quickly mounted between the planters and the management and the guards had to intervene . The planters who were received therefore posed a ultimatum to the management to find an agreement quickly.

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Late morning, no agreement was found between the parties despite a proposal from Tereos to more than 2000 euros for the incentive bonus. The voltage is mounted a notch on the spot and the police were called in reinforcement .
The management of Tereos wishes to refer the file to the Directorate of Labor for mediation tomorrow at 8:30. But the protesters want to be received today so as not to delay even more the sugar campaign this year.
The director would leave the premises in the afternoon, which revived the wrath of the planters and they are under discussion before a possible hardening of the event at the Bois-Rouge plant. Both parties remain on their position, so the situation is at a standstill for now.

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