Strike in Lidl supermarkets in Segovia | Radio Segovia | Present

Workers’ Commissions and UGT have convened a strike day this coming Thursday, June 4, at the LIDL supermarket chain. In the opinion of the unions, during the health crisis, the German chain has failed to fulfill its obligations to ensure the protection and health of the workforce and of the clients themselves by not applying disinfection protocols for the clothes they sell, eliminating security and capacity in stores.

Unions consider that there are no prevention protocols to start the activity safely in sections recently opened to the public such as textiles. They also point out that they have breached the agreement signed at the beginning of the State of Alarm, in which they promised to pay overtime at 150%, thus recognizing the overstrain that the staff is making.

According to Izquierda Unida Castilla y León, the company is not complying with the sector agreement not allowing work / family reconciliation of the workforce, changing schedules without prior notice, making part-time workers work even more than a full day, all in a context of precariousness in which there are people whose wages do not exceed 700 euros per month. Last Friday there was no agreement between the company and the unions in the act of mediation.

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