Local transport workers went on strike on Tuesday. Classes at Dortmund schools are canceled on Friday – the cleaning staff are on strike.

  • Strike in NRW: On Friday, classes in many Dortmund schools are canceled: The Verdi union has called the cleaning staff to go on strike. Since the rooms and tables were not disinfected on Thursday during the corona pandemic, classes are canceled.
  • After this Warning strike in the public service on Tuesday the Verdi union was on Wednesday strike in Healthcare in NRW called: So put in several Clinics Employee down the work. Emergency services were ensured.
  • Strike in NRW: On Tuesday commuters and schoolchildren had to walk in the pouring rain without buses and trains come to workplaces and schools. Of the Warning strike In the view of the unions, local public transport was a complete success: in many cities there was no bus or train. The streets were full.
  • Strike in NRW: The Verdi union is calling for a wage increase of 4.8 percent – at least 150 euros – and an increase in trainee remuneration by 100 euros for 2.3 million federal and municipal employees. There should also be a care allowance of 300 euros.

In many Dortmund schools falls on Friday the classes out. The labor union Verdi had been closed all week Strikes in NRW called. In Dortmund, parts of the cleaning staff followed the call on Friday so that the rooms were not disinfected. For many students, this means that lessons on Friday are canceled. The following schools are affected by the cleaning workers’ strike: the Phoenix-Gymnasium, the Anne-Frank-Gesamtschule, the Johann-Gutenberg-Realschule and the Lieberfeld-Grundschule. On Monday, however, classes should take place again according to plan.

The Phoenix-Gymnasium informed teachers and students on the homepage: “Because of one Strikes of the Cleaning staff On October 1, we cannot guarantee the required Corona hygiene standards for our students and teachers on Friday, October 2. Our students will therefore be given tasks on Friday, October 2, e.g. B. trained in the classroom. Emergency care cannot take place for the same reason. On Monday, October 5th, face-to-face classes will take place according to schedule.

Strike in North Rhine-Westphalia: classes are canceled at many schools in Dortmund

In several Clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia workers had stopped working on Wednesday morning. For the patients, the medically necessary was absolutely guaranteed, said a Verdi spokeswoman. One Regular operation but there wasn’t. The union had called for the warning strike in the health sector to put pressure on the current collective bargaining round for the public service.

Strike in NRW: emergency services in clinics are guaranteed

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the municipal clinics in Dortmund, Cologne and East Westphalia, among others, were affected, as were the psychiatric clinics of the regional associations.

Verdi calls for a wage increase of 4.8 percent – at least 150 euros – and an increase in trainee remuneration by 100 euros for 2.3 million federal and local government employees. In addition, there should be a care allowance of 300 euros, better pay in the Public health service and a limitation of the working time in the emergency service to 45 hours per week.

There was a strike in NRW on Wednesday:

Nothing worked on Tuesday: The Warning strike from Verdi has local public transport in many cities in North Rhine-Westphalia completely shut down. “Around 12,000 strikers are on strike, many depots are closed,” said Verdi spokesman Tjark Sauer on Tuesday in Düsseldorf. In some cities there were a few overcrowded buses that ran according to a special timetable, but in many places you had to do so because of the Corona-Pandemie waived.

Strike in NRW: “Nothing goes on here”

“Nothing goes with us,” said Rheinbahn spokesman Thomas Kötter in Düsseldorf on Tuesday. “All buses and trains are in the depot. For reasons of corona protection, we did not use a special timetable. ”The Rheinbahn normally carries 745,000 passengers in the region on weekdays.

Because many people apparently switched to their own car in rainy weather in North Rhine-Westphalia, traffic jammed especially in cities. However, the situation on the autobahns was not exceptional, said a spokesman for Straßen NRW. According to the WDR traffic studio, the sheet metal lines in the morning rush hour totaled 167 kilometers.

Strike in NRW: These cities were affected on Tuesday

The Cologne transport company stated that no trams until Wednesday 3 a.m. drive. In bus transport, only subcontractors would offer some trips. “The strike measures will completely shut down local traffic in Dortmund”, the Dortmund transport company DSW21 had already warned in advance.

Verdi demands nationwide uniform regulations in the compensation of overtime and the allowances for shift work. According to Verdi, improvements in working time regulations and classification are being negotiated at the state level.

On a Strike meeting in Düsseldorf Verdi boss Frank Werneke said: “In view of the 15,000 missing jobs in local public transport and working conditions that make people sick, it is completely incomprehensible that employers reject nationwide collective bargaining. With this behavior they provoked strikes. “(Dpa)

+++ In these cities there will be effects on Thursday +++


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