London Underground passengers are facing rush hour chaos as two of the capital's busiest lines come to a standstill during a 24-hour strike.

Staff at Central and Waterloo & City Line are organizing a tour that started at midnight and ends on Thursday morning.

Major stations throughout the city are affected by the disruption, including Stratford, Liverpool Street, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, King's Cross St Pancras and Bank.

Union leaders said the strike would continue after a "complete collapse of industrial relations" while attempts to resolve the issue with recent talks have failed.

During a strike on the Central Line last month on Liverpool Street (Alex Lentati)

It was canceled after a separate scheduled strike on the Piccadilly Line at 1.30pm, the RMT union confirmed yesterday.

But RMT has blown up the Metro bosses for "a major collapse in labor relations, inadequate driver employment, abuse of agreed procedures, and victimization of a union member."

The London Underground said both RMT and Aslef unions demanded the reinstatement of two Central Line drivers – one who purposely opened the doors of a train in a tunnel and one who failed a drug test would have.

Union leaders said they were furious that an appeal to reinstate the driver, who had opened the train doors of a train station while two cars were still in the tunnel, was rejected by the subway chiefs.

Finn Brennan, organizer of Aslef in the subway, said it was simply wrong that a driver who had been doing fine service for 25 years should be dismissed for failing to make a judgment.

According to TfL, Aslef refused an invitation to talks in the dispute with the Central Line Driver team.

Nigel Holness, managing director of the London Underground, said the strikes were "unnecessary" and "totally unjustified".

He said, "Both are calling for the reinstatement of drivers fired for serious security breaches – one who deliberately opened the doors of a train in a tunnel and one who failed a drug test."

TfL said the Central and Waterloo & City lines will have very little or no service all Wednesday.



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