Strike of robes, membership stops at 48.4%

12 years after the last protest, then called for economic reasons, the magistrates return to cross their arms.

But the strike does not paralyze justice at all. In fact, membership at the national level was just over 48%, which means that in the end less than half of the magistrates in service go on strike. A percentage that pales compared to the 80% reached in 2010, and 68% in 2002 when the judges mobilized against the reform of the judiciary by the Northern League minister Castelli.

The result of the mobilization can not fail to disappoint the union of robes, especially since the first data spoke instead of a participation of more than 60%. Among the big cities, Rome is below the national average with 38%, Milan is at 51, but at the court of the Lombard capital the figure drops to 39. Above the average Naples (53%), Palermo (58%), Reggio Calabria (53%), Salerno (54%) and Perugia (50%). Flop evident in the Supreme Court with 23%.

Assemblies were held throughout Italy –

In Milan there was the main demonstration with the participation of the president of the ANM Giuseppe Santalucia. “This law will also be compatible, but it does not conform to the spirit of the Constitution” he attacked, convinced that the reform risks causing “a slowdown in justice and aims to control” the judges, stiffening the organization of the judiciary and through “centralization of the powers “in the heads of the judicial offices. The leader of the togas union clarifies that the strike rather than “against Minister Cartabia” is directed against the amendments that were introduced in the parliamentary “strongly pejorative” of the initial text.

The purpose of the mobilization is to “try to open a table”: the message to politics is that “we are not against reforms, as long as we make some important, significant adjustments” to the law under discussion. The aspects to correct are the rules on report cards for magistrates, the limits on the change of functions between judges and prosecutors and the new disciplinary offenses.

The Anm still hopes for improvements, even “political realism” suggests “pejorative changes”. Reactions to the protest were inevitable. The vice president of CSM David Ermini marks the distance. The strike is legitimate, “but I would not have done it”, says the number two of the Palazzo dei Marescialli, hoping that the reform will be approved. “The strike of the magistrates is proving to be a predictable flop. Now the Parliament goes ahead without delay”, is the invitation of Enrico Costa (Action), author of some of the amendments at the center of the protest of the magistrates. “It is a political strike” to challenge the choices of Parliament “, accuses the president of the senators of Forza Italia Anna Maria Bernini. The reform is” useful and can be improved with the contribution of all “, assures Franco Mirabelli, vice president of the senators of the Pd.

Minister Cartabia is silent about the strike, who instead, addressing the young people of the Cesaria Beccaria juvenile prison in Milan, speaks of justice as “a friendly face that offers a second chance for everyone”.