Strikes announced in small metals sector over collective labor agreement conflict

According to negotiator Jacqie van Stigt of FNV Metaal, employers mainly want to implement deterioration in exchange for the heavy professions scheme that is coming. “That is very important in our sector, because there is a lot of overtime and time pressure.”

Ron Follon, chief negotiator on behalf of the Federation of Employers’ Organizations for Technology (FWT), says that the employers cannot meet the requirements. “The conditions set by the unions are undesirable and unfeasible.” According to him, it is necessary to adjust the elderly schemes in the collective labor agreement if the early retirement scheme requested by the unions is introduced.

FNV negotiator Van Stigt thinks the wage requirement is the most important, but according to her, work should also be done on the balance between work and private life and the attractiveness of the sector for young people. “These are the people who have to help the Netherlands through the energy transition and they must be able to earn a good living with them.”

Strikes across the country

Van Stigt says that the union will organize strikes across the country in the coming weeks and that action will also be taken in other ways. “We don’t just lay down the work, but we think there is no other way. With already more than 40,000 open vacancies, we expect that employers will not be happy if employees leave the work, but we hope that this will bring employers around the table again. to get.”

“We think strikes are a bad thing,” says Follon of the employers. “It damages the companies that are still recovering from the corona pandemic and as far as we are concerned, the negotiations should take place at the collective labor agreement. We are open to further discussions.”