Strikes begin to impact the economy, says Bruno Le Maire

Strikes begin to impact the economy, says Bruno Le Maire

Opponents of the reform of the SNCF – GERARD JULIEN / AFP
Social movements that particularly affect the SNCF start to impact some economic sectors, even though it’s still too early to figure it out, said on Monday the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire .

“Yes social movements have an impact on growth,” he said on Europe 1.

“It’s an impact that is limited, that we can not measure today, but we already see in certain sectors of activity, in hotel reservations, in transport, in the presence of tourists that it is starting to have an impact, “he added.

Alarm signal

Last week, the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME) fired the “warning signal”, warning that the entire French economy could “be quickly impacted.”

“When we look the strikes in 1995, we had an estimate of 0.2 points of GDP, of national wealth, but today it is much too early to assess what could be the consequences of social movements, “said Bruno Le Maire.

“That’s why the sooner we can get out, the better,” he said.

Bercy wants to hold “the cape”

The railway workers, who are protesting against the railway reform wanted by the government, ended Sunday the third phase of strike since early April. The next episode is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

For its part, the inter-union of Air France has maintained Friday its next four calls to strike, including Tuesday and Wednesday, after two days of a wage negotiation with management that will resume Monday morning.

Bruno Le Maire, however, felt that business leaders and foreign investors had regained confidence “for several months.”

“There are social movements, that’s part of our story,” he said. “Nevertheless, in the long history of our quinquennium, today the growth is restarting, the investments are there, and I think that we hold the good end from the economic point of view,” he continued.

The tenant of Bercy said want to keep “the cap” of the economic policy, including its bill on business growth, the so-called Pact Act. This text, which was originally to be presented in the spring, will finally be “in July,” he said.

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