Strikes continue on “Tesla” .. 300,000 cars recalled

And the cars that have been and will be recalled are “3” and “Y” models, according to the American “CNBC” news network.

Chinese authorities say they will be called online to update a flaw in the driver assistance program, which it could currently do by mistake.

This error causes a sudden acceleration of the car, endangering its occupants.

The online recall program is the first of its kind for Tesla cars made in China.

The recalled cars are distributed among 249,000 Model 3 and . cars “Y”, in addition to 35,000 imported “3” cars.

It seems that these models are very popular in China, where Tesla has sold more than 33,000 Model 3 cars.

In early June, the American company recalled 7,600 new electric cars in the United States, due to a problem in the seat belt.