Strong aura !! Patrick, a handsome Thai boy, chuan-chung, was born in CHUANG2021. Screaming sound

Thai children are as good as any nation in the world !!! Latest to the queue to announce the announcement of the fierce power throughout Asia Of the talented young man Patrick Natthawan Finkler or Chinese name in the contest Yinhao Yu 尹浩宇, one of the representatives of Thai children competing in CHUANG2021, the famous variety show in Asia. Looking for idols who have dreams and full of energy, talent in singing and dancing, and ready to become a new boy band decorated with the great entertainment industry in China This event and the past talent show rounds In order to get scores from mentors and young directors Patrick paired with best friend from Thailand, Mr. Kornchit sang dance in the hit song “Me and My Broken Heart” by artist “Rixton”. In a white suit As if the gods were born, the handsome mother of China, the fans in the stu, screamed. Because apart from being handsome and juicy !!! The light shone with a diffused aura.

The story of singing the song of the Thai young man Patrick, full of good vocals, precise accent and choreography, continue with the Extra Round, language test and reading Chinese poem Patrick released the Chinese poem smooth, stole the heart of FC He also praised the program from both mentors and directors that Patrick had a good development in language. Just trained for 3 months, but the ability to penetrate Like practicing for years Has a lot of fans’ hearts Not enough, this was also decided that You have to go into the final 11 stages for your debut as an international artist in the next order for sure.

You can vote for Patrick, the Thai child representative who participated in the contest by Login to the main page and select Chuang2021, click Banner, Vote for your favorite trainee, scroll to the name “Patrick” and press vote, wait for the Pop up vote and pop up. Finished You can vote through the WeTV application. The first round of voting deadline is March 14 at 10:00 AM.


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