Strong Berliners prove their qualities » ASV Hamm-Westfalen

Füchse Berlin impressively confirmed their role as favorites on Thursday evening in the home game against newly promoted ASV Hamm-Westfalen. Although the guests didn’t give up until the end and showed quite appealing phases, in the end the Westphalians had to acknowledge the superiority of the strong Berliners after a deserved 26:37 (13:19).

Despite the defeat, there were positive things to report from the Westphalia camp: In his almost 43 minutes, goalkeeper Vladimir Bozic saved almost 34 percent of the ball. Captain Fabian Huesmann again proved to be a very consistent goal scorer, he did not miss a single shot in his five attempts and was the most successful Westphalian with five goals. In addition, the ASV started the game really well again.

After almost five minutes, the guests were 4:2 in the lead, but then had little access to the offensive of the Berliners in the cover. In attack, the guests didn’t get a clear seven-meter throw after a defense through the room at a score of 4:5, in the next attack the hosts got the ball after an illegal suspension by Benjamin Meschke in the circle. The hosts used both scenes to immediately punish ASV with goals conceded.

As a result, the foxes presented the ASV with increasing problems in its attack. From the fifth to the 17th minute, the Berliners locked their case completely, and with six goals in a row they now took control of the game. Savvas Savvas ended the goal drought from the point of view of the ASV and scored 5:10 from the point of view of the promoted team, but the favorites had made things clear.

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But the guests stayed tuned. Bozic was getting stronger in goal. When Savvas reduced the lead to 8:12 in the 20th minute, Füchse coach Jaron Siewert had seen enough. “Stop mistakes and don’t let Hamm come into play,” was his energetic requirement. But first, the 6,421 spectators in the Max-Schmeling-Halle saw Bozic’s sixth parade. But instead of reducing to three, substitute Yonatan Dayan had to give the ball back after a technical error. The foxes use this to 13:8, a little later the gap is again six hits (15:9). With this distance, it is then also in the break.

In the second half, too, the game of the guests, to whom 18 technical errors were attributed in the end, remained too faulty. So little changed in the course of the game, the ASV struggled to set tasks for the big favorite. However, this was only ever achieved in phases. The foxes, on the other hand, punished every mistake with the utmost consequence. Only in the goalkeeper duel did ASV end up just slightly ahead with 15 saves compared to 14 by Dejan Milosavljev.

“That’s the takeaway from this game. We make too many mistakes, especially in the first half. We have to turn that off. We invite Berlin to ten counterattacks”, analyzed ASV coach Michael Lerscht after the game, but also found positive aspects in the game: “Berlin wasn’t our collar size today. But despite the high number of mistakes we made 26 goals because we kept up the pace to a certain extent. We have good moments in the game. It’s not like we don’t play handball at all.”

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Berlin circle player Max Darj drew a satisfied conclusion: “I think we played a solid game, right from the start.” the two-time scorer continued.

Foxes Berlin – ASV Hamm-Westfalen 37:26 (19:13)

Foxes: Milosavljev (14 saves), Kireev – Wiede (4), Darj (2), Holm (4), Andersson (6), Lichtlein (2), Lindberg (6, 6/7 7m), Gidsel (2), Freihöfer (1), Langhoff, Chrintz (1), Kopljar, Vujovic (5), Marsenic (1), Drux (3)

ASV: Hertlein (2 p.), Bozic (13 p.) – Huesmann (5, 2/2 7m), Fuchs, Patrail, Schulze (3), Pretzewofsky, Bornemann (2), Orlowski (1), Meschke (1). ), Dayan (3), Savvas (3), von Boenigk (2), Wieling (3), Bauer (3)

Referees: Julian Koppl, Dennis Regner

Viewers: 6,421