Strong winds : l'Hérault, P.-O., and l'Aude placed in vigilance orange


A u total, Météo France has placed fourteen departments on alert for high winds, snow and flooding. The fire department of the Hérault call for the greatest caution.

When the cold weather sets in some departments, promising snow and ice, Occitania it, is in strong windy episode, which earned him to be placed in vigilance orange this Saturday, January 20.

“On the Pyrénées-Orientales, the Aude and the Hérault, on the Saturday evening and in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the north-west wind blows very strong,” says Meteo France, on its latest bulletin. The gusts will focus “on the mountains but also in lowland, (on the Capcir, the Fenouillèdes, the Corbières, Conflent and on the plain of the Hérault river in the vicinity of the high cantons)”.

The phenomenon is expected to amplify in the night, since the forecast already announced big shots of winds, with highs of 110 or 130 km/h.

The prefecture of the Hérault has sent an alert message by telephone to the mayors, to raise awareness, and call for the greatest caution, by respecting the safety instructions provided in case of strong winds.

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