Sports Stuani makes everything possible (2-2)

Stuani makes everything possible (2-2)


With Stuani, Girona lives forever settled in the day of lovers. The Uruguayan led the comeback in the last minutes after Deportivo had the victory at hand. But this team has changed, now you begin to believe that you are able to overcome bad times. And with a striker like him, who has improved all his records, added 22 goals and made everything possible, he will always have a slight advantage. This is the third straight week in a row, losing 7 of the last 9 points.

28 days later the Girona team came out with a full-fledged defensive pivot. And as things are, a loss of Rivera caused that they had to run the race against the clock soon, because Mollejo did not miss the gift. That was what Deportivo was missing, winning seven games, to end up getting sick. Despite the initial disappointment, the team faced and was better than the opponent. He had close range to redeem himself, such as a free kick by Granell that rubbed the crossbar, a shot by Aday that struck a defender’s arm inside the area – not enough to whistle in the penalty area. the referee’s judgment – or a one-on-one move from Maffeo that he didn’t find a striker.

Satisfied with the work done in the first half, Girona kept the tone in front of a Galician team that protected with the nails the short advantage. Borja García, from the front but was deflected, was the first to try. Then Maffeo did, inspired and full of character. Brandon, too, adjusted to the stick. Nothing, there was no way. Pep Lluís Martí risked giving Samu Saiz minutes, waiting for the miracle to be repeated last week. And Bergantiños appeared, with a scandalous volley that went through the corner, to complicate it a little more. But if one really wants and strives, chance can smile at him. Like Stuani, who always causes Girona to laugh from ear to ear.


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