StuBru presenter Eva De Roo participates in ‘The smartest person’

© Geert Van de Velde

Radio presenter Eva De Roo (34) will participate in ‘The very smartest person’. “I don’t know if I can say it, but I can’t deny that Erik Van Looy called,” she told Studio Brussel.


She said yes just to be clear. “But I’m afraid I’m going to go completely off,” she admits. “I sometimes have to think about the names of my friends. My brain no longer exists. I have two babies, huh. Mama Dementia, I think that’s really a thing. But I have two, three months to sleep in.” De Roo participated in the 2016 season. After nine episodes, she had to stop because the final weeks would start. She landed in the final, but lost the endgame to Gilles Van Bouwel.

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The birthday edition of The smartest person – it’s its twentieth season – will start in mid-September. In it, presenter Erik Van Looy plays with a selection of the best players of the past ten years. It was previously known that TV maker Tom Waes, Studio 100 boss Gert Verhulst, soprano Astrid Stockman, Dutch singer Merol, our editor-in-chief Liesbeth Van Impe and presenter Olga Leyers are participating.