A student in the answer paper jumped on the wall of the Committee of the Shebin Industrial School for Boys in Qalioubia in Committee No. 1, the planning material, in the technical diplomas exam for the second stage that the students were performing today. The observers were unable to capture him, prompting the commissioner to release a report at the police station in the incident. Lt. Col. Ahmed Abdel Moneim, Head of Investigation of Shebin El-Qanater, received a report from the head of the exams committee of the second round of technical diplomas in the student’s escape after the exam. Major General Reda Tabblia, Director of Qalioubiya Security, was informed. Colonel Abdullah Jalal, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, and Captain Ayman Sulaiman, the Center’s assistant, were informed that while the committee’s staff collected the answer papers at the end of the exam time, One of them pushed to the ground and ran away with the answer sheet. When the attendant tried to catch him, he threatened him with a piece of iron and jumped from the wall of the school. The Chairman of the Committee and the observers edited the case record of the student at the police station Shebin al-Qanater and notify the operations room of the ministry.


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