Student infected with corona at Graaf Huyn College | 1Limburg

A student at the Graaf Huyn College in Geleen is infected with the corona virus.

This confirms Fons van de Wall, director of the Graaf Huyn College, Friday evening. All parents have been informed about the corona infection by means of a letter.

Source and contact research
Van de Wall heard the news on Friday: “We were shocked, but we also knew it could happen. The corona virus will not pass through schools.” After the report of the positive test, Van de Wall contacted the GGD: “We have gone through the protocol that is now applicable and the GGD will conduct source and contact research. At the moment there is no reason to class of the infected student not to come to school on Monday. ” The student will go into quarantine to prevent further contamination.

The director says that the Graaf Huyn College has taken sufficient measures to keep the risk of contamination as small as possible: “We have made walking directions, classrooms have been arranged differently, there are splash screens between students and teachers and we have split breaks. In addition, teachers wear them. a face mask in practical lessons. From next week we also want to introduce face masks for students during those practical lessons, if that proves to be necessary. ” There is no general obligation to mask masks: “We do not have one at the moment and we are not changing that at the moment.”

Do not panic
Van de Wall says to parents and students who may be worried: “Don’t panic, we are going to do all the things we need to do with the GGD.”



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