Student: the best post-preparatory business schools revealed!

If you are a student looking for a good business school, the ranking revealed by Le Parisien should help you.

Are you a student and have made various wishes? And in particular one, or several, to apply for business schools? You now need your baccalaureate to be accepted, but have you chosen the right school? Precisely, our colleagues from Parisian should help you.

Abroad or El Dorado?

Indeed, the media has just revealed ranking of the 10 best business schools and there is no doubt that certain names should speak to you. Unless you don’t want to study in France.

Because yes, if you didn’t know, more and more students choose to go abroad. And this for many reasons. This allows them to discover another culture and sometimes experience less pressure. As well as discovering new languages.

However, in recent years, the number has been decreasing. Blame it on a virus that has been crippling our lives for more than two years now. Unsurprisingly, we are of course talking about Covid-19. Which has closed many borders and effectively prevented students from leaving.

But since the lifting of some restrictions, some things have changed. More and more young people can go abroad again. Indeed, a big starting rise has been observed lately. And this should increase even more as the months go by.

Perhaps you have the choice of going to the United States to study? If so, too bad you weren’t born there. Given that rapper Travis Scott just made a huge donation for young African Americans.

Kylie Jenner’s darling has just donated $ 1 million to help them follow their studies. A very nice gesture that can be welcomed. But a student could have enjoyed a nice sum of money without the help of the artist.

Student: the best post-preparatory business schools revealed!
Student: the best post-preparatory business schools revealed!

The best business schools for a student

Indeed, a young person recently played the Loto and find all the winning numbers. But these were unfortunately those of the Euro millions. If she had made a ticket for both lotteries, she could have put an end to all her problems…

And, therefore, choose the business school that suits him best. Because yes, to come back to the main subject, Le Parisien has just unveiled a ranking. Ranking that references the best business schools of the year.

First on the list, HEC, closely followed by other well-known establishments. Namely Essec and ESCP Europe. Respectively 4th, 5th, and 6th, Edhec, EM Lyon and Skema. But how did these schools earn their place?

Our colleagues let us know that 15 criteria were selected. In order to indicate to students what helps to select the best school. We learn for example the label, the attractiveness, or even the budget is important.

But also that social openness, the teaching staff or the digital sector caught the attention for this list. Many other criteria were important to make a suitable ranking. This one, being to be found a little higher in this article.