Student who died in school-work alternation, 4 suspects: the administrator and the security manager, but also a teacher and the principal

It will also be a act duein view of the assignment to the coroner to carry out the autopsyyet in the investigation into the death of the eighteen-year-old at the factory Giuliano De Seta they enter, as suspects, too due teachers of the Itis “Da Vinci” of Portogruaro where the boy studied. Five days after the accident at work, which occurred at Bc Service from Ninety Paduanthe deputy prosecutor Antonia Sartori has entered in the register of suspects, for the moment, quattro nomiwith the hypothesis of competition in manslaughter. It is primarily about Luca Brugnerottoof Salgareda, in the province of Treviso, sole director of the company which has its registered office in Volpago del Montello and another factory in San Donà di Piave. Then there is the person in charge of safety in the factory, a consultant external. The rather unusual fact is that the names of Anna Maria Zagothe head teacher, as it was she who signed the internship contract with the company, and del teacher of the “Da Vinci” in charge of the school-work alternation project that involved Giuliano De Seta. On the other hand, there is currently no indication of a fifth possible name, that of internal tutor to the factory it should have to follow and direct the student’s work and training activities.

The investigation conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Venice, which makes use of the inspectors of the Wrote of the Local Health Authority 4 and of the carabinieri of the company of San Donà, therefore aims to clarify not only the dynamics of the accident, but also compliance with the safety rules in the workplace and the correct application of protocols concerning internships. The first front is the causes of death. The 18 year old was crushed while he was screwing one iron bar weighing 20 quintals. The heavy artifact fell from two trestles on which it was standing and left no chance for Giuliano. The coroner will carry out the autopsy Silvano Zancanerto which the De Seta family will support their own consultant, Dr. Davide Roncali of Mestre.

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Il second front is that of compliance with the rules of prevention of accidents. How is it possible that the artifact fell? Is there direct responsibility on the part of someone involved in the work or was it a failure not due to human causes? The analysis of the state of the places, crossed with the testimonials and with the results of the appraisals on the implants and on the iron bar, they will try to give an answer. But it is clear that something went wrong if the young worker was crushed. Also because he should have been followed by a internal tutor. Who was in charge of that job? To whom was Giuliano entrusted? In the absence of the figure of tutor, the responsibility lies with the employer. The prosecutor wants to find out if the boy was left alone in his factory experience, which began four days earlier of the accident. The circumstance would make the episode read in a very different key, from the point of view of responsibility, even if Giuliano had already worked with a contract from apprentice at the BC Service in the months of July and August.

Il third front it concerns the practice of internships and their discipline. Were the protocols respected, with an indication of the tasks to which the young person had to devote himself? These are standard formulas, which however find application in the various disputed employment. It is also for this reason that the Venetian prosecutor has entered the names of the principal and the teacher in the register of suspects. The tragedy aroused not only great emotion, but also protests. The Coordination of Middle Students of the Northeast held a presidio in front of the factory, leaving on the asphalt and on the entrance written by complaint against the Pctothe paths for transversal skills and orientation, which would be a tool for exploitation working, more than an occupational training system. In 2022 they are three i eighteen year olds dead while they were doing an internship: the other two incidents occurred in a company on the outskirts of Udine, in Friuli, and in Vasto, in the Marche region.

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