Students from the Health area see practical training as necessary

Jessica Marquez

Guanajuato / 27.08.2020 08:03:23


Classes have returned, but the situation for some students has been very complicated, since virtual classes are not the same and practices are very necessary to reinforce knowledge in their area: only at the University of Guanajuato is the demand to enter to the Faculty of Medicine this year he presented more than 2 thousand 603 applications, divided into the different health areas.

Joana Frausto, a nursing student, commented that experience is essential for her future.

“Right now it is very difficult for us, because the practices are very essential for the health area and right now what we are doing are the zoom classes and the practices will be postponed from last semester in October and from this semester in November” Joana Frausto pointed out.

He assured that there is still no confirmation for the return to claes, but yes propose dividing small groups with protection measures soon to return to activity.

“At the moment no, last semester what they were going to do is that we have a laboratory and there they were going to gather us in groups so as not to get infected so to speak”

In the case of Janeth hernandez He has tried to carry out the practice from home, despite this they cannot develop it well, due to lack of materials.

“Make models to replace it with mannequins, then things that we do at home, we begin to do the practice, the teacher does it with the materials, because they told us not to spend buying all the things and that is how we are doing it” Janeth expressed.

They do not complain about the theory that they promote, however the students on their own have decided to get together at home in groups of at least five people, so that they can work and learn in a better way.

“Regarding the theory, we have done much better, because we have gotten deeper into things, they have looked for new ways to support us, but in a matter of practice it has affected us a lot, we have gathered in working groups, maximum five people to try to do the practices between us, because the teachers are not allowed to see us “ he claimed.

They ask teachers to be able to carry out this type of activities in schools, having all the protection measures to complement their learning.

“If we have been struggling and we are asking that at least the practices let us do them at school even if it is five people too” commented.

Without a doubt, virtual classes have worked so that students do not fall behind in their subjects, but even so, some need to go to classrooms to carry out their practices.


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