Students sent home by the school principal because they had long hair: "psychic Ability is still determined by how you look"


UPDATE 14.03 Tudor Helgiu said, for “the Truth”, that he and colleagues removed today from the hours they have been advised to get a haircut, but every time time I don’t, nothing happened. The warnings were made last year and a week ago. The school board told them that if they don’t comply they will call the parents to the school and that it would announce the discipline committee.

“last Year, for example, we don’t do anything. You can ask all my teachers, they all said that they don’t mind (n. r. I have long hair). I received compliments from teachers, including the director told me that my hair is nice,“ says Tudor, student in X class.

When they pulled out today, in the classrooms, Tudor says that the teachers have not been very aggressive with them and not-and explains now, suddenly, they would have put a stain on their tresses. It’s the first time they were kicked out of school because of the layout.

Some of the students advised previously would be mower, others, like Tudor, have not cut the tresses and have them caught in a tail in the back. After a while, the teachers at the school have said not to catch your hair in the back. In addition, adds the young man, students do not have signed any document from the school by promising to comply with a certain outfit, a certain look.

on Tuesday morning, a student of Cluj has been removed from an hour by the director of the Greek-Catholic high School Inochentie Micu in Cluj-Napoca because he had long hair. He was taken in the yard along with other about 20-25 students with long hair and a beard, and then they were sent home to get his hair cut.

the Student in question is called Tudor Helgiu, a young volunteer from 10 years and involved in many community projects, representatives of parents ‘ associations in Cluj, the Foundation Parents in Romania. Tudor is technical director of Stage, an international theatre festival for young people.

the events of The morning were told by the young man on Facebook.

Posting the full Tudor Helgiu:

Hi! If you have a little free time, I invite you to read this “frustration” to my face by the education system in Romania, and if you have the same opinion, I invite you to give a share more.

Today, I was in chemistry class, I was sitting quietly and minding my own business, in walks the big Dome’ Directory in my class. Because of my hair “obscenely long” I was out of time, arriving in the yard I find myself with still 20-25 students in the school (boys) with long hair or a beard waiting to be taken out of the school. Yes, you read it right, because we have long hair or beard I was removed from the perimeter of the high school.

I’m glad that I live in a community where it promotes creativity and free expression, I am also glad that there are Education Law, and I quote the Law of national education no. 1/2011;

Article 2/1.”The law is that the vision of promoting an education oriented on values, creativity, cognitive capacities…”

Article 2/3.”The educational ideal of Romanian school consists in the DEVELOPMENT of FREE, integral and harmonious of human individuality, PERSONALITY FORMATION AUTONOMOUS and assuming a system of values that are necessary for personal fulfilment and development…”

Article 2/4.”The state shall ensure the citizens of Romania have equal rights of access to all levels and forms of pre-university education and higher education, as well as to lifelong learning, WITHOUT ANY FORM OF DISCRIMINATION.”

Article 2/7.” In Romania education constitutes a national priority.”

Article 3
the Principles that govern primary and secondary education and higher education, and lifelong learning in Romania are:
a) the principle of equity – under which access to learning is done without discrimination;
c) the principle of relevance – on the basis of which education responds to the needs of personal development and social-economic;

the Only thing I can say is that I’m glad I got in the XXI century where the ability your psychic is still determined by how you dress and how you look.
#legeainvatamantului #nuconteazacatdelungamparul#importantecatsicumgandesc

And even please share, to get that story out of Cluj in the country’s.

the official Position of the ISJ Cluj

Truthget in touch with the officials of the County School Inspectorate of Cluj. According to them they have not received any intimation from the parents and the behavior of the director licuelui was not one abusive” whereas the confessional schools can do “the specifications on the hair and beard”. According to the ISJ Cluj, the 20-25 students out Tuesday dimienața of the classrooms in the courtyard licuelui would have been warned several times to get rid of his hair and beard.

Each school may establish in the rules of internal order certain rules of behavior and on dress codes for students. It is brought to the attention of their parents and of the pupils, who sign that they are aware of. In the case of denominational schools, like the one we’re talking about, you can make including such specifications on hair and beard. There was an abusive behaviour from the principal. After the students have been asked several times to chose this way of managing the problem. Students were sent home and asked to comply. The Inspectorate have not received any complaint from parents, said Andreea Coroian Goldis, spokesman ISJ Cluj.

What say the parents of a profile association from Cluj

Representatives of parents ‘ associations in Cluj – Foundation Parents in Romania has immediately reacted to the posting of the young man with a message on Facebook saying that I know the young man, he is a teenager, very smart and involved in community projects, but and that the principal of the school where you teach would should boast.

Tudor is technical director of Stage, International Theatre Festival for Young people.

Posting Cristina Grigore from the Foundation Parents from Romania on Facebook:

On the Tudor Helgiu I know him for some time. It is one of the most smart teenagers that i know. #involved, #active#, #the human. There comes a generation that we as adults we are not prepared. Are dedicated, have dreams, engage and care about the community. I really don’t understand what the link has the hair (the length of) his clothes, the tattoos, with the quality of the student Helgiu. A few data about the student Helgiu with the school and the director should boast, that attract other good students in his school: volunteer of 10 years, I don’t (I think) that is community project in which you are not actively involved in any project it was noted, yes, as the speaker advanced English and very good on the technical (is the technical director of Stage – International Youth Theater Festival in 15 years), we represented successfully and proudly at Juventafest in Sarajevo. Yes, young people like him can’t be manipulated, fooled, have points of view argued, and they bring the evolution of.

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  1. This kid joined a theological conservative high school. A Catholic one! He knew the rules about the hair, his parents knew the rules about his hair! He could have joined others but no, he wanted here! Well, the rules are as they are so he must respect them! Plus if you watch his interview, this kid is totally deluded. He speaks 3 words in Romanian and 2 in English.

    I am worried about this Z Generation!

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