Studies show positive effects with Aptahem’s Apta-1

Aptahem AB announces that studies with its main drug candidate Apta-1 show the drug’s ability to handle pathogen-induced inflammatory conditions.

The results from the research, which was carried out on behalf of the Swedish biotechnology company Aptahem AB, with their main drug candidate, Apta-1, have added further understanding of Apta-1’s properties and ability to handle pathogen-induced inflammatory conditions.

In a coronavirus-induced acute lung injury model, Apta-1 has demonstrated systemic circulation, protection of vital organs, regulation of important cytokines, and prevention of hemolysis. The results are in line with discoveries previously made in collaboration with Örebro University.

Develops aptamer-based drugs

The biotechnology company Aptahem develops drugs for the treatment of aptamer-based drugs for the treatment of life-threatening conditions where inflammation and coagulation interact in the disease process. Aptamers are synthetic single-stranded RNA or DNA molecules that have the ability to specifically bind to other target molecules.

“It is gratifying to see the results of this study and how it is in line with our own studies and other collaborations,” says Aptahem’s CSO and co-founder Luiza Jedlina in a press release. “This virus-induced model confirms our view of Apta-1’s unique properties and we will continue to investigate its multifunctional capabilities,” she continues.

Collaborations are important for research

Apta-1 is an emergency drug that is being developed with the goal of stopping the damage to organs and tissues that leads to very high mortality among patients with sepsis, blood poisoning. Aptahem will support further research to gain further clarity in the benefits of Apta-1.

“Collaborations with biotechnology partners are an important step in driving academic research to the next level and in potentially leading to new treatment options for patients in the future. Early studies with Apta-1 seem to show that it has protective effects in a coronavirus-caused acute lung injury model, and these interesting results motivate further studies, “says Professor Mingyao Liu in the press release.

He is pprofessor, MD and senior researcher at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute and professor of surgery, medicine and physiology and head of the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine Temerty.

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