New research led by scientists at Emory University suggests that every fifth child burn is caused by soups such as instant soup or ramen.

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The results, which will be presented on Monday at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference in Orlando, Florida, relate to 11 years of data on more than 4,500 recorded scalds of children from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

The researchers found that 21.5 percent of all scalds (approximately 972 injuries) were associated with these microwaveable prepackaged products. They estimated that products in the United States are the cause of 10,000 childhood burns each year.

Most burns, according to the study, affected the hull area or the area between the shoulders and groin in children 4 to 7 years old.

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While 90 percent of patients burned by instant soup have been discharged from the emergency room after the examination, scurf and scuba can cause scalding in children with scalding.

Burns are caused by dry heat, but scalds are caused by something wet, like hot water or steam. Both burns can be very painful and flake off red skin, blisters, puffiness and charred skin.

"Instant soups and noodles in packaged cups and bowls may be easy to prepare by adding water and microwaves," Chief Researcher Courtney Allen said in a statement from the university. "But once heated, they become a dangerous burn hazard. Caregivers must closely monitor younger children who might otherwise be injured while cooking for themselves. "

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David Greenhalgh, Chief of Burns at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California and former President of the American Burn Association, was not involved in the study, but told CNN he was not shocked by the results.

"They are knocking [the soup] over and it runs on her lap, "he said. "You may need to come to the hospital for a while, or we teach the family how to care about the burn, or some children need skin grafts. But I'm not surprised.

"What [companies] they should do like the Yoplait [yogurt] Containers where they are wider at the bottom and thinner at the top, "he suggested. "It would be very easy to design and change."

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Allen reiterated these feelings, saying she hoped the industry would consider structural changes to their packages to complicate the tipping of products.

To prevent childhood burns or scalds, the Atlanta Center for Disease Prevention and Control calls for parents and guardians to carefully cook, check the water heater temperatures, monitor an escape plan in the event of a fire, and Install and maintain smoke detectors.

Diagnosis and treatment depends on the degree of injury to your child. Most minor burns can be treated at home with first aid, including dressings or medications. However, if you suspect a severe burn, which causes severe pain; waxy or leathery surfaces; Redness or blisters, seek an emergency immediately.

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