Women who like to get up early have a lower risk of breast cancer than do revelers! This has resulted in a scientific study by the University of Bristol. As a result, only one in every 100 women who identified themselves as early risers had breast cancer – compared to two out of 100 who considered themselves evening dinners. Rebecca Richmond of the Cancer Research Program UK and colleagues evaluated data from a total of 180,215 women who had provided information on their natural rising and sleeping preferences for the study. Result: The likelihood of developing breast cancer was 40 percent less than that of night people. In parallel, the team examined the genetic information of more than 200,000 additional women. This statistical model, called "Mendelian Randomization," showed that the women whose genes make them early risers had a 48 percent lower risk of breast cancer.
            The researchers pointed out at a cancer conference in Glasgow that many factors can be involved if a person has breast cancer. In addition, the majority of women studied in the Bristol study were women of European descent. But Richmond says, "Sleep is probably an important risk factor for breast cancer, but it's not as big as other known risk factors – for example, BMI or alcohol. We know that sleep is generally important for your health. "
                            This computer graphic detects a medical scan and shows where the tumor forms behind the breasts of a woman. Photo: Brand X Pictures / Getty Images
         Her research results are a clue as to sleeping habits in industrialized countries. Reasonable, adequate and restorative sleep helps to stay healthy – and reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.
Breast cancer in Germany With around 69,000 new cases annually, breast cancer is by far the most common cancer among women in Germany. Almost 30 percent of those affected are younger than 55 at the time of diagnosis. The mortality rate is 25 percent. Causes include hormones and hereditary factors, but also overweight, lack of exercise after menopause and alcohol. ,


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