Study finds out how long smell and taste come back after coviding

The loss of smell and taste is one of the most frequent complaints of those infected with covid-19. At the beginning of the pandemic, little was known about the duration of this sequel, but now a study published in the Jama Network Open has found the average time it takes for these senses to return.

For this investigation, specialists followed 97 patients with covid-19 with loss of taste and smell for up to one year. Every four months, these patients responded to the survey to report if there was any sign of recovery of these functions.

Credit: Dima Berlin/istockStudy is dedicated to discovering how long it takes for covid-19 patient to recover smell and taste

Some of these study participants also underwent objective tests to check their ability to smell every four months.

According to the researchers, most presented a almost complete recovery in 12 months.

“Our results suggest that an additional 10% gain in recovery can be expected within 12 months, compared to studies with 6 months of follow-up that found only 85.9% of patients with recovery,” the study authors published.

This finding, experts say, supports studies suggesting that the anosmia (partial or complete loss of smell) related to ovid-19 is likely due to inflammation of the peripheral nervous system.

Loss of smell and taste is a common symptom.

Loss of the ability to smell is one of the main symptoms of covid-19. Rehabilitation of this ability may require specific exercises, which basically consist of inhaling different odors.

The website has developed a tutorial aimed at those who have been totally or partially without the ability to perceive smells.

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The array of techniques has been shown in more than a dozen scientific studies to be beneficial for people who have lost their sense of smell after a virus or injury. Check out the link below how this therapy works: